About Me

You darling, thanks for stopping by to learn about lil’ ol’ me! I’m so excited you’re here today, and I look forward to learning ABOUT YOU also!

First off, I suppose you should know my first and middle given names are Katy Helena. (A shock, I know!) I am in my early thirties, I grew up in Southeast Asia, and I am currently a licensed counselor in Texas (and am pursuing licensure in Tennessee now). I love reading, have always dreamt of being a writer, and am OBSESSED with coffee!

On New Years Eve, I got to marry the love of my life, Keith. We actually knew each other as kids and reconnected in the fall of 2015. Our love story is incredibly written (by a great God!), and I will most likely be sharing about it on this blog. Along with the incredible blessing of being Keith’s wife, I gained three amazing children-by-marriage, whom I love with all my heart.

About This Blog

On this site, you will find writings and discussions on Faith, Hope, Love, and Life.

  • In Faith posts, we will talk about spirituality and a relationship with God.
  • In Hope posts, we will discuss having hope for change and/or healing, as well as ways to get there.
  • In Love posts, we will look at the love relationships in our lives: loving ourselves, others, and God.
  • In Life posts, you will mostly hear updates or stories on things happening in my own life — and maybe how that can apply to your life as well.

Again, I am so excited you are here to join in the conversation! Please feel free to grab a cup of coffee and browse the site, adding your own thoughts and experiences.  It’s not a discussion without you!

While you’re at it, I would love to hear more about YOU, so please feel free to sign up below to join this blog’s community. Once you’re signed up, simply reply to the welcome email and tell me a bit about yourself!

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