Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift: For the Mom Who Has Everything

You know how it is.

It’s Saturday, and suddenly you wake up and realize what tomorrow is.

Or WORSE, you wake up Sunday morning and realize what day it is.

It’s Mother’s Day!

And you love your mother. Genuinely, truly love her. You wanted to get her something, you really did! Something special, something she would love. You wonder if you have enough time.

Or perhaps your story is different. You’ve been planning for weeks what to get your mom. Flowers, jewelry, tear-soaked cards; you’ve considered them all.

In fact, you already have your gift neatly wrapped up for her —  but you wonder if it will really convey to her how much you love her. You wish you could neatly package something more personal, perhaps.

Whether you’re the last minute person, or the person who’s planned for weeks but wonders what else to give the mom who has everything…

I’ve got you covered.

Mother’s Day Gift

This is a FREE PDF booklet that you are welcome to fill out and give to your mom on Mother’s Day. It allows you to personalize what your mom means to you, all she has taught you, and how much you love her.

Physical gifts are great — but can you imagine the timeless gift of your words to her? I think every mom’s heart longs to hear the words we tell her far too rarely: she is special; she is valued; she is loved.

This Mother’s Day, speak up. Tell your mom how greatly she has impacted you. I hope you’ll find it deeply touches her heart.

Inside, you will find places to finish a letter to your mom, as well as prompts to help you share with your mom how she’s blessed you.

Click the image above, or CLICK HERE to claim your FREE Mother’s Day Gift.

May both of you be blessed richly this Mother’s Day!

P.S. If you know anyone who might be looking for a Mother’s Day Gift to give, please feel free to pass this along and help them out!