When Life Interrupts Your Plans: 4 Secrets to Remember

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

We have our whole day set out. In fact, our whole week/month/year/life is set out! We know what’s supposed to happen. We’ve planned each detail. We know where we are headed.

And then. Life says, “Uh-uh. No way.” And it blocks your path.

Actually, forget that: it grabs you and drags you kicking and screaming down a new road.

Where did those beautiful plans of ours go?

For Me

I could share with you about two dozen different times this has happened to me. Sometimes it was something smaller, like having to graduate from college a semester late. Sometimes it was a life change that completely crumbled my view of the future. And sometime, I probably will tell you about these times.

But today? We’re just going to talk about a small issue.

I started back up my blog.

Yes! I was so excited and pumped! I had so much to share! So much to write! I wanted to build my blog quickly, so I was ready to churn out a dozen posts in a week.

And then… (You know the drill.)

I started two part-time jobs around the same time my blog launched. Suddenly, the days had a lot less hours in them. We had a busy weekend with my amazing children-by-marriage and spent time with family. It was wonderful … but blogging time bit the dust.

So I felt myself deflate a little. I hoped for so much more. I wanted to DO so much more. And then I couldn’t.

Can I still do this blog? I thought. Is it already time to throw in the towel? Can I keep up with it?

Pftt. Seriously, Katy? Seriously? You have a handful of days where you can’t work on your blog as much as you want…and you’re wondering if you should quit?

That’s so silly. Please go back and re-read THIS POST where you already said you weren’t quitting.

(Yes, this is your glimpse into my inner Katy-to-Katy conversations.)

So it took me a day or so to really think through this. And this is what dawned on me:

4 Secrets for Life’s Interruption

1. It’s Not Over

That beautiful plan you had? That thing you were dying to do? Chances are, it’s not gone forever.

That degree you really wanted? Last I checked, you can always go back to school. That country you wanted to travel to, but now you’re too broke to get gas for your car? That country will still be there when you’ve climbed back out of debt. That friendship that’s melted away after an across-the-country move? You can still reach out to that person and find new ways of being friends.

What you wanted may not be out of reach. It may be simply waiting down the line.

Be patient and see what comes.

2. Take Back Your Courage

Discouragement is one of the first things that usually sets in.  It whispers: See, now your plans will never pan out. You’ll never be happy. In fact, your life is probably over.

I want you to stand in front of your mirror and practice saying this one word: NO!

Talk back to your discouragement! Say something like, “Yes, this isn’t what I expected. It’s certainly not what I wanted. But I am not out of the game. I am in control of my life, and whatever path it takes, I determine what I do when I’m re-routed.”

Choose your response when life interrupts. I hope you choose this: Courage!

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3. Get Support

Pull in people to support you. Really! Even when I got discouraged about being set back on my blog a couple of days, I told people. I told my husband. I told my blogging group. I’m telling you in this post.

And the people I’ve told? They empathized. “I’m right there with you!” They encouraged. “It’s ok, you can catch up.” They energized me. “You’ve got this! You can do it!”

Life’s interruptions can be really tough, I won’t lie. But you can get through just about anything with the right people at your side.

Don’t be afraid to reach out.

4. It Really Could Be Better

Ok, this might be the hardest one for some of us to swallow. But I’m going to put it out there anyway:

This new path really could be the better one.Click To Tweet

*Cue cries of shock and indignation.*

It’s ok, go ahead and let it out. I know I certainly have.

It’s hard to believe after the devastating breakup that you could ever find someone even better to love. It’s hard to believe that when the new school/career/dream that you pursued is suddenly gone, that anything else could make you happy. The unexpected illness that has knocked you flat — how on earth can that lead to anything good?

I promise you. However devastating it is right now…I promise it can get better

That breakup? Seriously, it can lead to the man of your dreams. The career unraveling? It made you re-evaluate and led to something more fulfilling. That illness? It gave you a hard year or two, but you came out of it. You gained so much understanding and empathy that you now lead a support group for others that changes and even saves lives; and you wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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Yes, Life Interrupts

And it can be hard, disillusioning, or even devastating. Or it could just be a minor disturbance, like in the case of my blog. But whatever the scope of your interruption is, I hope you will remember those four secrets above.

Or maybe even just this secret:

You can still do this. You are going to be just fine.

In fact, you may be great.

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